Passengers may request for following COACH-MITRA services just by entering PNR number and mobile number in this website or Passengers can send their requests as

SMS to 58888 or 9200003232 by typing CLEAN< Space ><10-digit PNR number>< Space >SERVICE TYPE CODE

CleanMyCoach Application will forward the request to mobile phone of the onboard staff or the concerned control office of the particular train directly. The Railway Administration will also simultaneously receive an intimation of such requests for follow up.

(Service Type available: C for Cleaning, W for Watering of Coaches, P for Disinfection /Pest Control, B for Linen/Bedroll, E for Train Lighting/AC , R for Petty Repairs)


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(WATERING of coaches not done yeat wrong message received )
Passenger from Train No: 15959, Seat No S8/11
Date 17/07/2018

Passenger from Train No: 22473, Seat No S6/33
Date 17/07/2018

coach is clean now. I am impressed by your cleaning service.
Passenger from Train No: 22131, Seat No B3/35
Date 17/07/2018

Coach is full of pest , disinfection, not even satisfactory cleaning done even after complain, my old parents could not sleep whole night due to cokroaches running over them even they could not eat food.
Passenger from Train No: 12293, Seat No B5/17
Date 16/07/2018

(Not best but then too good service.. Thank you)
Passenger from Train No: 11016, Seat No S6/63
Date 17/07/2018

no cleaning of toilet was done in D1. It was very tough to sit.
Passenger from Train No: 13103, Seat No CNF/D1/4
Date 16/07/2018

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